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What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world miracles happen. - Henry David Thoreau
Welcome to Nungkyyii Institute
The Spiritual Center for World Servers
(Liberated Spirits, Evolved Souls and Ascending Beings)

 “Ninety nine percent of Earthlings are ignorant of the beauty and dynamics of being human. Sixty six percent are mostly interested in other people. Thirty three percent are interested in events. One percent is interested in ideas. And only a very small fraction of one percent will ever experience the meaning of divine happiness. Such dynamic happiness is divinely bestowed upon those who become spiritually transformed and wholeheartedly serve God’s Will!”

Thus Spake the 21 st Century Philosopher


Prophet of Nungkyyii

"History doesn't repeat itself, humans think and behave repetitively and history just records such patterns of actions.”

The Philosophy of Nungkyyii


            Here we stand on the brink of global destruction that will inevitably take a cataclysmic domino effect of catastrophic events brought about by the fall of civilization; human blunder; scientific and technological disarray; pollution of air, water, soil and food; deadly frequencies of electromagnetic radiation; virulent diseases of incurability; accidental detonation of mass destructive weapons; asteroid collision; extraterrestrial visitation, and the awesome wrath of Mother Nature.

            As the hidden hands of the elite "Powers that be" continue to orchestrate world order, there is a far more powerful hand that puppets all human activity in the direction of evolutionary perfection and the greater interest of human destiny. This impersonal conspiracy of Omnipotence contains blueprints of both construction and destruction. The blueprints of destruction have exceeded its stages of planning and preparation and are now swinging into activity of planetary manifestations. This form of global destruction is highly necessary in making way for the newconstruction of a Utopian Kingdom on Earth.


            With the plague of human depravation and the dehumanization of humanity we have created a planetary asylum and proudly call it civilization. Mental illness is the most prevalent disease on Earth. Ignorance is the most dangerous disease. Cancer is the most profitable disease. And poverty is the most embarrassing disease. The treatment of disease is a lucrative business. But the cure of disease is an economic disaster. If all diseases were cured and everyone was healthy the medical profession, pharmaceutical corporations and the healthcare industry would suffer huge damage.


            We live in a society that values wealth above health and generates a hefty economy at the expense of its citizens' health and well being.

            We wage war on terrorism by creating far greater acts of terror in the names of justice and national security. Yet, deprivation is much more terrible, and much more responsible for far greater numbers of body bags than terrorism. But no government is quick to wage war and drop bombs on poverty.

            Suicide has exploded into a serious epidemic. It has surpassed homicide as the third leading cause of death. More people are murdering themselves than they are murdering each other. The majority of citizens are unable to synchronize their minds with the present cultural reality.

            Obesity follows suicide as an explosive epidemic. It is a planetary problem that cast an ugly shadow on global hunger. The obesity/overweight problem generates an estimated one quarter of a trillion dollars annually for the American economy alone, with a 33 billion dollar annual income from weight loss dupes and gimmicks. As diabetes II threatens the lives of a large portion of our citizenship, particularly our children; society continues to value wealth over human health.


            Where are the most dangerously insane? Are they the people behind the walls of our mental institutions, or are they the leaders and officials behind the doors of our social institutions?                                                                             

“The poor is going to work. The rich is going fishing, while the world is going mad!”


            Decadence has befallen every civilization in human history. Although its destruction is karmic in regards to the grandeur of civilization, its cast of doom is not a law of certainty. Human destiny is a fateful vehicle whose steering wheel can be guided by human intellect and volition. Every era of civilization has produced its own prophets and visionaries of social calamity. Unfortunately, society has always persecuted if not executed such gifted harbingers of change. Fortunately, we live in the greatest era and civilization of human history, and we possess the most intelligent levels of science and technology ever recorded. However, science and technology must be liberated from the subjugation of profit and power by capitalism and given a humanitarian agenda if humanity is to stand a fair chance of survival. Such scientific and technological liberation mandates drastic changes in human patterns of thought and behavior; a change which necessitates a social revolution of monumental proportion. Such a dynamic revolution of social lifestyle must definitely avoid a battle, bombs, bullets or blood. This social revolution must change human reality from the material to the spiritual; it must replace the value of wealth with the value of health; it must shift the cultivation of longevity to a level of parallel with that of religiosity. It must also reveal the purpose of life as becoming a perfect human being; the reason of life as supporting and serving humanity, and the meaning of life as achieving divine happiness.

            As humanity suffers emotional and psychological disarray and God appears to be on a sabbatical leave of absence, the problems and ills of our civilization will not solve themselves, or disappear with the setting of the sun. It is time for the first class passengers of Planetary Spaceship Earth to relinquish their ideas of retirement; material obsessions, and selfish ambitions, and unite in divine love for the welfare and well being of the human race. It is necessary that humanity change its mode of thought and behavior; accept accountability for the condition and circumstances of our planet, and take charge of human destiny.

            The spiritual movement of Nungkyyii has already launched such a dynamic social revolution. Its collaboration with an Aquarian Conspiracy is in the process of attracting the most advanced souls on planet Earth into the formation of a global mind of superior intelligence capable of rendering salvation to our precious human race.

            Welcome to the Institute of Nungkyyii (nung-ky-yi-ee) – a spirituality institution of authentic philosophy and a global center for World Servers.  The spiritual philosophy of Nungkyyii is not a philosophy course as taught at colleges and universities. Such academic teachings of philosophy are merely recorded history of the thoughts, behavior and lives of past philosophers. Authentic philosophy must be a revelation of contemporary wisdom and knowledge that manifest from the philosophizing expressions of a bona fide philosopher's experiential life during our present era of modernity. In other words, a genuine philosophy must have a live philosopher who continues to cultivate the philosophy and be accountable for the dispersal of its knowledge. Our present institutions of learning dare not lend residence to "Authentic" philosophy. Authentic philosophy is capable of stimulating and fertilizing the human intellect, which could easily wreak havoc and create a nightmare for both our institutions of present academic and social structure. Its modern day wisdom could turn students into thinkers and citizens into dreamers, instead of turning them into laborers and consumers.

            Genuine philosophy is revolutionary by nature and centered upon progressivism. Its power of knowledge can force change upon the patterns of human thought and behavior; cause evolution to be an acceptable process of creation in our culture and civilization, and liberate us from the ancestral embrace of tradition, mental incarceration of ignorance, and the dominating attitude of physical permanency.

            The Institute of Nungkyyii teaches an authentic philosophy derived from a 37 year experience of philosophizing in a western culture of extreme diversity, wealth, materialism, fanaticism and hedonism – the most powerful, yet, the most dangerous culture on Earth. The philosophy of Nungkyyii is a product of human evolution. It is a manifestation of our modern day and time. Its compilation of wisdom, knowledge and experience sprang forth from the grassroots of American society by the demands of necessity, progress and intelligence.

            Self-evolving into a greater human being through self-discipline; practicing a spiritual life of meditation, divine love and righteousness; living in the truth; obeying the law of being(individual destiny ) and developing a greater oneness with the Infinite Mind of Intelligence (God) is the way of the philosophy of Nungkyyii.

            The spiritual movement of Nungkyyii is being called “The New Revolution." "The New Revolution" has a spiritual blueprint that has been masterminded into a planetary master plan with the intentions of transforming human reality from the material world to the spiritual world with out firing a single shot; wasting a drop of blood; summoning any soldiers into battle, and without a physical confrontation or display of dissent whatsoever. Spirituality, simplicity, economics, education, intelligence and Divine love will empower "The New Revolution."


            It’s time to make a significant difference in the world. The Institute of Nungkyyii welcomes all World Servers to embrace this challenge!