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What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world miracles happen. - Henry David Thoreau
Nungkyyii Institute

Philosophy derives from the Greek word philo, which means the love of wisdom. It is the key to the construct of a philosophy. Wisdom is considered intelligent and informative energy. It is a product of cosmic energy. In fact, wisdom is a hologram of the Infinite Mind of Intelligence. Wisdom comes in such a pure form of intelligent data that it must be deciphered into the language and understanding of its user through expression. Such a process is called philosophizing. To philosophize one must be brave enough to follow his or her intuitive thoughts and live against the conformity of society. Wisdom converts into intuition in order to be processed into comprehensive understanding by the brain. Because philosophizing is a spiritual endeavor the guidance of wisdom takes the philosopher up a one-way street against the traffic of mundane life. The traffic of materialism and worldly affairs is abrasive to spiritual life, causing tremendous pain, suffering and sacrifices for the philosopher. This spiritual journey is considered necessary for the sake of purification. In the doctrine of Theosophy, Alice Bailey and Master DK calls this experience the Sacred Fire. In the philosophy of Nungkyyii the sacred fire constitutes the flames of sacrifice, suffering and human service. These flames either purify or destroy. In the process of purification impure thoughts, worldly habits and immoral behavior are supposed to be destroyed by friction or conflict derived from the opposition of living a spiritual life in a physical or material world. Wisdom is also refined during the purification process. Out of the refinement of wisdom comes knowledge, the fruit of the philosopher's labor. Such knowledge is destined for the construction of a better way of life. It is designed to lead to a higher level of consciousness. And it is supposed to connect the philosopher to a greater level of energy that permeates our universe. All philosophies born of pure wisdom are meant to aid the process of human evolution by developing better human beings with greater moral behavior.

In the experience of philosophizing the philosopher meets an impasse in his spiritual journey. His ego rides shotgun during the trip and the experience. The ego becomes agitated by the emotional stress and strain from the lengthy periods of suffering and sacrifices caused by the process of purification. The philosopher under estimates his own ego. It is shrewd, cunning and very deceptive. The ego is a master of disguises and manipulation of the personality. It creates an emotional struggle, resisting the spirit, and causing inner conflict within the philosopher. This conflict hinders the philosopher's spiritual progress, and further suppresses his feelings. Once the ego feels that the philosopher is at the point of spiritual exhaustion it offers a compromise. This is the position in which the ego has been maneuvering the philosopher into all along. The ego convinces the philosopher to take a short emotional break and spend time in the physical world. Tired and weary from the struggles of spiritual life, the philosopher agrees. According to the ego this is supposed to be a win/win situation for both the ego and the philosopher. When a spiritualist spends a large quantity of time living a spiritual life he or she builds up a very potent polarity of magnetic energy that discharges rays of vibrant radiation like stars in the universe. When the spiritualist associates in the physical world he or she attracts lesser forms of energies. This power over people inebriates the ego and showers the philosopher with emotional excitement and joy. Drunken by pleasure the ego persuades the philosopher into letting it get behind the steering wheel. Once behind the steering wheel of the philosopher's life the ego has achieved its strategic mission - control. Now that the ego is in control and the inner conflict is resolved, the philosopher and the ego are at one. This inner peace, blissful emotion and serene state of mind drives the philosopher into pleasurable unconsciousness. When the philosopher finally awakes from his coma of ecstasy, he realizes that he has betrayed his soul, caused conflict with his spirit, lost his wisdom and is trapped in a physical world. Regardless of his destruction the philosopher maintains his power of influence over people. His followers are totally unaware that their leader has lost his spiritual power and can no longer guide them spiritually. The philosopher eventually becomes obsessed by his power in the physical world and begins to wield it very selfishly, causing a very disturbing disease called - Megalomania. Megalomaniacs are people who allow their egos to divorce them from God and his wisdom and allow power to influence them into thinking and acting as though they are gods. Since Megalomaniacs remain in positions of power they refuse to surrender. Instead, they give full reign to their egos then contemplate suicide once their power and pleasure dissipates. Power is to a Megalomaniac as whiskey is to an alcoholic - consume too much of it and you automatically develop the disease. Such is the destruction of characters like Jim Jones and David Karesh.

Throughout my spiritual journey and experience of enlightenment I have been made fully aware that the ego is the most dangerous entity in human nature. It is capable of orchestrating self-destruction and posing a serious threat to human existence. I differ greatly with eastern philosophy that the ego must be slain or destroyed. The ego is necessary in the link to the physical world and the expression of emotions. In the philosophy of Nungkyyii its wisdom advocates that the ego must be romanced into a permanent union with the soul through submission, allowing the soul to take charge of the direction and development of human life. Although I have successfully romanced my ego into an androgynous union with my soul, I don't trust my ego any farther than I can urinate over my shoulder!

There was once a popular spiritualist who claimed to channel an ancient spirit by the name of Ramtha. She would go into a trance and Ramtha would enter her body and speak through her. This amazing experience captivated a vast audience of people seeking spirituality. Apparently her secretary had reasonable doubt about the reality of Ramtha, so he decided to videotape the spiritualist channeling this ancient spirit. He said that the spiritualist's change of voice to such a deep tone along with her body's zombie like behavior convinced him that some entity was actually taking charge of her body and communicating through it. The secretary said that the spiritualist became obsessed with her own performance on video as she watched the power of her performance captivate and dazzle her audience. Evidently she couldn't resist the experience of that power so she started faking her trance. The secretary said it became very obvious that she was faking when he started comparing the old videotapes with the new ones. As a result of his discovery he resigned as her secretary. Since then no significant expression of humanitarian development has surfaced from her experience. This is a typical example of the awesome power and persuasion of the ego and its determination to take control of the life of the being.

Quite a few spiritualists have some how been exalted to a level of consciousness of the Divine spirit. Out of the love of power, many have tried to steer the spirit instead of letting the spirit steer them. Consequently their ego grabs the steering wheel and won't let go. The Divine spirit always takes flight and divorces the spiritualist when the body that it occupies no longer complies with the destined pattern of Divinity. I consider myself to be a very fortunate spiritualist. I have disciplined myself to totally submit to the Divine spirit. I have also consecrated my body as the sacred vehicle of its expression. I have been made painfully conscious of the consequences of going astray of the spiritual path and opposing the law of my being. Through the disciplinary lifestyle of Nungkyyii and its ritualistic practice of the Zen form of Nung-Budo-Ky, I have been able to romance my ego into an androgynous marriage with my soul. The oneness of my soul and ego develops assurance that my ego will maintain its role as an emotional interpreter of my soul's spiritual experience, instead of as an opposition to my spirit. Over thirty-three years of philosophizing has cultivated my state of being to that of a Zen Master, qualified to disperse knowledge productively and responsibly to worthy students. My spiritual transformation has developed an extremely passionate desire for my work. I am committed as an agent of the process of human evolution to better the state of human existence and help raise the conscious level of mankind to that of the Supreme Architect. I have constructed a philosophy that is very well capable of creating a planetary revolution of humanitarian good through the simplistic expression of discipline. I have extreme confidence that the philosophy's lifestyle of simplicity will influence a vast majority of humans suffering from the misery of poverty and dehumanization. I am looking forward with much anticipation to the revelation of what I have come to term "The New Revolution."