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What lies before us and what lies behind us are small matters compared to what lies within us. And when we bring what is within us out into the world miracles happen. - Henry David Thoreau
Nungkyyii Institute
Student Introductory

From a human perspective, life is all about reality. Reality is all about consciousness. Consciousness is all about the process of thinking. Thinking is all about the mind. The mind is all about the functionality of the brain. The brain is all about the behavior patterns of the body. The body is an innocent mechanism mislabeled as “me;” subjugated to sensation and influenced by the nature of desire, which is dictated by an energy known as the “ego.” Through an intricate and harmonious connectivity of functionality, the muscles, nerves, blood, organs, brain, and mind collaborate in the development of the body. The nature of this process of collaborating development is called necessity. The body is in need of the proper function of all of its parts in order to reach maturity. After physical development of the body reaches maturity, necessity moves to a greater stage of progression. In order for the human being to further its development the brain/mind must evolve to a greater function than just body development. Necessity calls for greater brain/mind development. The activities of mental learning and the cultivation of the process of thinking take the brain/mind to a greater level of mental maturity. After mental maturity is achieved, necessity again, moves to a greater level of progression. The human being is now in need of spiritual maturity. Spirituality is a completely different reality from that of our physical reality. For the brain/mind to move from a concrete reality (physical) and connect with an abstract reality (spiritual) the brain’s neuron activity and synaptic transmission must go through a revolutionary change. Such a brain change is a radical transformation of reality. The brain goes through a drastic rewiring of neuron cells. Emotions encounter pain from the transformation, and are introduced to suffering and sacrifice. We are separated from our physical values by either lost or destruction. It seems as though our world of familiarity, security and comfort is being turned upside down. During this transformative process neurons are rewired, synapses alter their transmission and the coded information that neurotransmitters once carried as messengers are given new codes. This is a neurological explanation of what religion calls “rebirth.” The philosophy of Nungkyyii states that “spiritual rebirth” is more than a life and death transmission in preparation for a journey to heaven. “Spiritual rebirth” is a mandatory transformation of reality and greater stage of human development in the here and now. Becoming spiritually conscious is the only means of realizing the presence of the human soul and the true existence of the “Over Soul” (God). No individual who is seeking the knowledge and understanding of truth can obtain such invaluable information without the experience of spiritual transformation.

In all of the branches of science that studies the human being, scientists all agree to the proverb “use it or lose it.” After we reach physical maturity and we fail to mature mentally, we eventually lose the powers of our mind. And after we reach mental maturity and we fail to mature spiritually, we eventually lose the powers of our spirit.

To progress from Aspirant to Pupil to Student through the teachings of Nungkyyii you must be prepared for “Spiritual Rebirth;” to change your reality from the physical world to the spiritual world. In your engaging in a spiritual life you must be willing to obey the law of your being (individual destiny), live a rightful life of truth; practice daily meditation, prayer and communion; progressively cultivate the body, mind, emotions and spirit; give 100% effort to becoming a greater human being, and develop a greater oneness with the Infinite Mind of Intelligence.

In living the Nungkyyii Experience one thing is for certain. All who step through the threshold of its spiritual reality will face a mirror of truth. You will confront the image of your naked self in its natural state and authentic identity. You will have to conjure the strength and develop the love of self to accept such a natural form of your being. Your spiritual journey inward toward a greater consciousness and knowledge of your true self (soul) will force you to become an individual. Spirituality will guide you down a path of loneliness and detachment from the physical world and its values. Emotional ties with family, friends and love ones will be severed as obstacles of your climbing the spiritual ladder to greater rungs of spiritual consciousness. Your will, desire and determination for truth and spiritual life will be tested over and over and over again. Falsity and the ego will be your worst enemies. However, the reward of succeeding in spirituality is definitely worth all the painful suffering and sacrifices endured, and all the effort and energy expended along the path.

According to the teachings of Nungkyyii, every soul has experienced several incarnations. Each life provides the soul with a new opportunity and experience to advance to greater realms of consciousness. Some souls are more advanced toward spiritual consciousness than others. The more advanced the soul the more likely that soul will reach soul consciousness in this life. If a soul is not evolved enough for spiritual life and the individual does not have the strength and discipline of will, desire and determination to continue to proceed in spiritual progression, difficulty will enter the Aspirant’s path; confusion will obstruct his or her sense of reasoning, and suffering, sacrifice and pain will turn into flames of a fire of destruction. Embracing the truth and always being honest with one’s self is the greatest principle of execution as an aspirant in the philosophy of Nungkyyii. Having the dignity to resign when you realize you have traveled the spiritual path as far as your emotional ego will permit you to go is not only an act of integrity but an expression of self-respect.

Remember that falsity and the ego are your worst enemies, especially the ego. If you allow the ego to take full control of the steering wheel of life, the body will only be driven in the directions of comfort, pleasure and self-satisfaction. The ego can care less if the accomplishments of its desires jeopardize the health condition of the body, mind and spirit. Although the ego is a selfish entity of pure desire for its own survival and satisfaction, it is one of the most important attributes of our being human. The ego stands vanguard to the vault of our emotions. Our emotions and its sensations is the circuitry of our reality. To slay the ego or subjugate it to ascetic life, as so many schools of eastern and ancient thought suggest, is to amputate the meaning of life (happiness) from being human. The ego must be wooed in a romantic fashion, with the intentions of falling in love with the soul. It must willfully submit to the soul as the captain of the ship of life, in a relationship in which the ego and the soul must cohabitate. The soul must spiritually educate, discipline and condition the ego to realize that the joys and pleasures experienced from the values of the mundane world can be achieved and experienced with even greater emotions of joy and pleasure in the world of the spirit. Total union of the ego and the soul in a leader/follower love relationship, in which the soul is in complete command, is the way to success of spiritual life.

There are four types of Aspirants. The first type is curious of a different perspective of life. Their present form of reality is serving them marginally. Meaning in life is beginning to drift from sensation. They enter a new realm of knowledge looking for specific answers to satisfy the specific questions of their present reality. They hope to retrieve answers to take back to their reality to give it a boost in sensation and meaning. They never had plans of emptying their cup of knowledge, altering their patterns of thought and behavior, nor transforming their mundane reality from the physical world to the spiritual world. The second type is confused and vulnerable to any concept that appeals emotionally to their present reality. As long as emotional satisfaction continue to massage the nervous system, and pain, sacrifice and suffering can be avoided during their association with the philosophy, then all is well, and this type of Aspirants will thrive off of the power of group spirit. When the yoke of responsibility of individual development indoctrinates these Aspirants in a painful fashion, confusion returns and a new search elsewhere is conducted for emotional contentment. The third type has reached the realization that the physical world does not possess the qualities that quench the thirst of their mind and soul. They are in search of knowledge and guidance toward an understanding of spiritual life, and are willing to undergo the necessary preparations to qualify as students. The value placed upon a spiritual education by such Aspirants far exceeds any material possessions. A relentless search for a spiritual teacher of such divine caliber brings joy and excitement to a sincere Aspirant, when such a spiritual teacher is found, and the proverb, “when the student is ready the teacher appears” becomes a reality. The fourth type is of evolved souls and liberated spirits, who are in search of a new spiritual home to assist them in answering their divine calling and living the law of their being. These World Servers are only considered Aspirants due to initiation into the Institute of Nungkyyii. In reality they are candidates for discipleship and are expected to advance rapidly through the ranks of the Institute after the probationary 15 week period is completed. Such individuals will lay the foundation for student hood and become the role models as disciplinarians of the philosophy of Nungkyyii.

What is Philosophy?

And why should anyone pursue its wisdom, or study its method of knowledge?

Philosophy is a word that derives from the Greek word philo – which means love of wisdom. It is wisdom that significantly distinguishes philosophy from all the other academic subjects. Wisdom is a frequency of coded energy whose information transcends all language. In other words, wisdom is God’s words in divine code. Therefore wisdom must be decoded and processed into knowledge by faith and into understanding by intelligent experience. The overall process of converting wisdom into facts of consistent truth is called philosophizing. The beauty of wisdom is that it is the product of an infinite record of universal consciousness that is processed into intelligent information for the workings of our present day and time. Wisdom is the mother of modernity. Its information is contemporary and will always exceed both ancient and conventional knowledge.

Meditation is the method by which the philosopher must practice until he or she learn to exalt his or her consciousness to the level of the cosmic frequency of wisdom. Intuition is the mental operative that decodes wisdom and adapts such information to the thought form of language. The philosopher must take this information of present existence and test it for valid facts – facts that must prove consistent results every time applied. When information becomes a proven fact, each fact becomes a brick of truth in which the philosopher builds his or her philosophy of life. After many years of philosophizing and treading that lonely path of spirituality, the philosopher completes the construction of his or her philosophy when a new way of life can be demonstrated and proven more successful than the conventional way of life.

The reason why philosophy is so important and necessary in every social structure of life is that it introduces new thought patterns that forces human behavior to progressively change its traditional mode of life.

Without philosophy science is incarcerated by walls of visible proof and physical evidence, unable to extract secrets of the abstract world by faith and intuition. We must move on beyond our old investigations of cause and effect and methods of sensual observations.

And without the existence and progression of philosophical thought from such great thinkers as Copernicus and Aristotle we would still be responding to the Earth as being both flat and the center of the universe. Philosophy is simply imperative to human existence.

“It is rather sad and heartfelt that philosophers of yesterday were feared and labeled as harbinger of change, and persecuted if not executed for having the gifts of wisdom and vision.”

The reason why a student should pursue wisdom and become a bonafide philosopher is that the process of philosophizing leads the student down a path of individuality. Becoming a true individual is a lonely transformation of self-discovery that reveals one’s true identity. Identity consciousness is connected to purpose. And purpose leads to individual destiny. When an individual fulfills his or her personal destiny they are divinely rewarded. Divine reward is happiness. Philosophy is the path of wisdom that leads to Divine happiness.

The teachings of Nungkyyii are divided into two categories – exoteric and esoteric. Truth is a very powerful form of knowledge, and can be a very dangerous form of information. Truth is analogous to a double edge sword. It can cut for the purpose of healing life, or it can cut for the purpose of destroying life. As a spiritual teacher I am responsible for teaching knowledge in a harmless manner. In order to assure that my teachings do not harm my students; I must constantly cultivate their ability of acceptance and understanding, and scrutinize their development through the experience of the expressions of my teachings. Teaching students is analogous to feeding an infant. You must feed the infant baby food (exoteric knowledge) until his or her sensitive digestive system is developed to a level of maturity in which regular food (esoteric knowledge) can be digested safely.

I have chosen the theosophical works of Master Dwal Kuhl and Alice Bailey as the best form of exoteric knowledge in the introduction of the teachings of Nungkyyii. Over three decades of studying and teaching such precious works, I have found that the content of such literature contains ageless wisdom that is certainly capable of preparing my students for the esoteric knowledge of truth. The books “Treatise on White Magic” and “Discipleship in the New Age” has been chosen as the best treatises on spiritual preparation for students who choose the path of discipleship. Due to the chances that the theosophical language of these books may be difficult to comprehend, I have prepared a layman translation of each chapter in which I send to each Aspirant after he or she has made a sincere effort to read the chapters and send me their chapter report. Reading and comprehension, and writing and composition skills are extremely necessary in the spiritual education of the Institute of Nungkyyii. If an Aspirant is determined to progress spiritually through self-development, I will assist in any way possible in his or her efforts to become a greater human being and achieve soul consciousness.

Esoteric knowledge can be safely taught when a disciple has experienced spiritual awakening; committed his or her self to becoming spiritually reborn; developed union between the soul and the ego; submitted to the Law of Being; living in the truth; consecrated the body as a Divine instrument of human service, and develops a greater relationship and communication with the Infinite Mind of Intelligence (God) through the daily practice of meditation and spiritual development.

Longevity, health and happiness are the three most important treasures of human life. The longer we live the more wonderful experience we have to contribute to our world service and our bank of memory and emotions. Our physical ability to express new knowledge, ability and emotions with vigor, agility and greater passion is rewarding to our life and takes our happiness to greater heights of sensation.

As World Servers our task of serving humanity is a long and tedious endeavor that necessitates consistent and persistent progression in service. Living a long life of health and happiness gives greater assurance to the betterment of humanity and its destiny.

The philosophy of Nungkyyii introduces its program of longevity, health and happiness called – The Omega Program. This dynamic program of spirituality is centered upon the cultivation of consciousness and activity of the human soul. It features a special health segment called – The Omega Diet. Greater details of this dynamic program will be introduced throughout the curriculum.

Due to the fact that the knowledge of Nungkyyii is not a commodity of exchange for money, I am not obligated to teach anyone who does not continue to qualify for my knowledge. My teaching is a passion of heart and inspiration of my soul that is motivated by divinity; therefore, I treasure the relationships of all of my students with Divine love and sincere honesty. Truth is the foundation of my life, my work and all of my relationships. Falsity is considered to be a severe form of destruction. Any intentional expression of falsity by any student will definitely sever our relationship as teacher/student. Integrity is a mandatory virtue of character for every student of Nungkyyii.

Thus Spake Master KYOSKI